A quick guideline for photographers at our events, summarizing the photo styles that we like and don't like, as we often end up with many photos we can't end up using. This year we want to avoid this.

In general, we particularly like photos that fall into several categories:

- mostly landscape format shots, unless the something calls for portrait format (tall buildings in the background), but we usually prefer landscape.

- wide shots of lots of people, with buildings and skyline in the background. No specific faces or persons should be too visible or the center of attention. 

- high energy group shots of attendees (shouting, screaming, jumping at the camera). We don't like group shots of attendees just standing, posing and smiling for the camera.

- close up shots of groups of beer bottles, if the photos look cool rather than like boring product shots.





One of our favorite photos - wide crowd shot, one happy dude, happily posing in a silly manner with a silly tshirt. Love that we're higher up, looking down. Only complaint is the garbage cans at the bottom, which we crop out. 

 Very similar, but doesn't work just because of the guy's face, clearly visible, not posing or particularly happy, not doing anything fun. So we can't use this photo. 


Love that it's nice and wide, with tons of people, beautiful buildings, beautiful lighting and color. No faces clearly visible.

Beautiful photo, but portrait layout makes it very difficult to use. Ideally if the photo works well in portrait layout, we'd like to also have the same photo taken in landscape, so we have both options.

Another one of our all time favorites. Tons of energy, people involved in the action, clearly participating and having fun. No empty space.

Same afternoon, but not tight, lots of empty space, no energy or intensity. We never use this photo.

 Love how it makes it looks like a cavernous, huge space stretching on forever and can see a bit of the waterfront. The symmetry is nice, given the angle. No specific faces visible. 

Tons of empty space, despite the size it looks smaller than the other photo. No point in taking this photo.

Great colors, huge crowd, no empty space, but no faces particularly recognizable. Love the views from the stage when the crowd is bumping. Would be better if people were dancing and shouting, with higher energy.

Beautiful shot and energy captured, but a bit low-res/fuzzy looking and weird extra wide format makes it harder to find uses.


Crappy weather, could be closer together, but balances the skyline and crowd nicely, with relatively little empty space.

Nice colors and lighting, but the empty space between the camera and the people doesn't give the intimate, crowded feeling. Ideally should be taken closer to the people, so the empty ground can't be seen.


A bunch of people, high energy, nice color, all having fun. Awesome.

Fun photo, but only two/three people so we'd never use it. We'd rarely use just one or two people posing, needs to be ideally at least a crowd of four.

Love it. Fun crowd, high energy, and well framed.

Really boring. Yes, they're drinking and look like they're kind of enjoying themselves, but it looks like a vacation photo. We'd never use it. The photos are not to document who came to the festival, but rather trying to capture a feeling or excitement. Hope that kind of makes sense!



Same as above. "We're here at the festival. That's all." Unusable.



Same as above. Boring, "we were here" photo. Not interesting and unusable. 


Tons of energy, great crowd all having fun.

They may be having fun, but empty space and poor framing makes it unusable.



Once again, too much empty space, poor lighting. No need to take photos like this, because it can't be used.

Photos of beer vendors need to be high energy and crowded as well. One or two people with a simple pose don't work. 

No energy and boring, despite the nice colors and framing. Kind of says, "Hello, we're here. We're working today." Not memorable, no feel.


 Nice colors, interesting bottles, nice composition.

Looks like a product shot. Colors don't work well together. Clean photo, but lined up so nicely, it looks like it's on display at a shop. Boring.


 Nice background lighting despite the simple line up. Labels clearly visible. 

Looks like a product shot. Not interesting, no feel.


Gorgeous colors and well framed. Interesting bottle shapes. One of our favorites. No problem that the labels aren't really visible.

Too much background, weird spacing between bottles. Not interesting.

Nice use of focus / non-focus, labels clearly visible. Intimate. 

Poor composition. No variation. Looks like they're lined up at a factory or discount shop. Not interesting.