With over 20 craft breweries and brewpubs in the city, we felt it was time the local craft beer industry had its own competition! This is the first year of the HK Beer Championship craft beer competition, which will take place as a part of Beertopia, Hong Kong's biggest craft beer festival. An official BJCP sanctioned event, it is the first competition for domestic Hong Kong breweries only. 

The goal of the competition is to both showcase the best locally produced craft beer the city has to offer, as well as provide professional, objective feedback to the brewers. 


A competition is only as good as it's judging panel, so we've made an effort to assemble an extremely experienced group of craft beer professionals from around the world to serve as judges for the inaugural competition: 

Kerry Allison - Global Brand Ambassador, Brewdog (Scotland)
David Byrn - Head Brewer, Pasteur Street Brewing (Vietnam)
Pierre Cadoret - Founder/Brewer, former Typhoon Brewery (Hong Kong)
Martyn Cornell - Beer Writer/Historian, British Guild of Beer Writers seven time winner.
Jay Duan - Head Brewer, North Taiwan Brewing (Taiwan)
Soren Eriksen - Head Brewer, 8Wired (New Zealand)
Brandon Fenner - Head Brewer, The Hand & Malt Brewing Co. (Korea)
Joe Finkenbinder - Founder, Bionic Brew (Shenzhen)
Mitch Gribov - Head Brewer, Bionic Brew (Shenzhen)
Winnie Hsu - Head Brewer, Taihu Brewing (Taiwan)
Michael Jordan - Head Brewer, Boxing Cat Brewery (Shanghai)
In-kil Lee - Head Brewer, KaBrew (Korea)
Carl Setzer - Head Brewer, Great Leap Brewing (Beijing)
Shiro Yamada - Founder, Nippon Craft Beer / Kagua (Japan)
John Junghoon Yoon - Head Brewer, Platinum Brewery (Korea)


Competition Date: November 17, 2016 (closed to public)
Awards Presentation: November 18, 2016 at Beertopia main stage - 9PM

Fees: HKD250 per entry
Entry Deadline: Closed


Please find links to download the press releases below:

HK Beer Championship 2016 - Press Release (English).pdf
HK Beer Championship 2016 - Press Release (Chinese).pdf