Last Updated September 29, 2016
What will my stall look like exactly?

Vendor stalls will all be based on the 2x2m tent. So medium booths, 4x2m, will be made up of two 2x2m tents. Large booths, 6x2m, will be made up of three 2x2m tents. Each 2x2m tent will look very much like this:

Decorated 2x2:

 Dimensons for 2x2m tent for beer stalls:

Dimensions for 3x3m tent for food stalls:


For more stall decoration examples, visit our Facebook page and check out last year's pictures:Facebook

  • The tent will not have any walls and will be open on each side.
  • The "front" of each 2x2m stall will have a long table, where beer and merchandise can be displayed.
  • The tables provided will be 1.8m x 0.76m x 0.76m(h) OR 1.8m x 0.6m x 0.76m(h).
  • There will be no tablecloth provided for the table. Feel free to bring your own.
  • Banners can be hung from the table.
  • Banners can be hung from the front or the back of the stalls, using the trusses that support the tent ceiling. Based on prior experience, we suggest vendors all bring along duct tape, string and scissors.  
  • Roll up stands can be placed directly to the left or right of each stall, as there will be a bit of space (~1-2m) between each vendor stall.

  • Do beer vendors need a liquor license to sell alcohol?

    No, beer vendors do not need their own liquor license as we will have a temporary liquor license for the site that will cover the entire event.

    Do food vendors need to apply for a temporary food factory license?
    No, food vendors do not need their own temporary food factory license as we will have a temporary food factory license that will cover the entire event.

    Can vendors accept cash payments?

    Beer vendors must sell all their beers using the token system. Cash is strictly prohibited and beer vendors found to be accepting cash during the festival will have their stall shutdown without a refund. Beer vendors found to be accepting cash will be given one warning and their stalls will be immediately shut down with the second offense, with no refunds for violation of festival terms and conditions. 

    Food vendors are not on the token system and will accept cash for all food sales.
    Can beer vendors price bottles and glasses of beer at 1 token?
    No, a minimum pricing is in effect. All servings larger than a tasting pour must be priced at least at 2 tokens, minimum. Beer vendors found to be selling at below this price will be given one warning and their stalls will be immediately shut down with the second offense, with no refunds for violation of festival terms and conditions.  

    Can vendors share their stall with another company?

    No. Stalls are non-transferrable, not-for-resale, and sharing is prohibited without prior approval. Stall bookings may be subject to cancellation if these conditions are violated.

    Can vendors transfer their stall to another vendor?


    How many people will there be?

    Similar to last year, we are aiming for 13,000 people over the course of two days. We will give you an update with the exact number of tickets sold closer to the date. 

    How much beer should I bring?

    Sales numbers vary widely across vendors depending on the popularity of the beers, the pricing, and the size of the vendor booths, etc. Vendors last year sold from 34 cases (275L) total on the low end, to 118 cases (950L) on the very high end. A reasonable estimate would be between these two numbers, but it will depend greatly on the popularity of the selection of beers with attendees.

    Suggested numbers, with each case containing 24 bottles of 330mL:

    Small stall: ~35 cases of beer
    Medium stall: ~55 cases of beer
    Large stall: ~85 cases of beer

    Other factors to note that affect beer sales:

  • 330ml bottles in general sell better than larger sized bottles, which require a bigger "commitment" as well as usually more tokens.
  • bottled beers sell better than draught beer, most likely because it is faster to hand over a four bottles than to pour six beers.
  • rare, limited quantity beers always seem to do well and sell out, even when priced higher
  • ciders of all types are always very popular and often sell out.

    Can beer vendors sell food or snacks?

    Beer vendors are not permitted to sell food, snacks, or any other consumable goods at their stalls. Free samples used to pair with the beer, such as pretzels, nuts, bits of chocolate or cheese are permitted as long as it is done in a reasonable fashion and not used to create an unfair advantage over other vendors. 

    Can beer vendors sell wine, or soda, or other beverages?

    Beer vendors are not permitted to sell any beverages other than the beers or ciders that have been submitted to, and approved by, the festival organizer. 

    What do vendors do with their garbage and empty bottles?

    All vendors are responsible for returning their stall area to the condition it was found at the end of the festival. This means throwing all trash in the nearby garbage bins, removing all banners, decorations, etc. All empty bottles must be thrown in the recycling bins. 

    Food vendors must empty all leftover liquids, oil, etc in the swill tanks located in the storage area. Liquids cannot be dumped into the garbage cans or other outlets. Any vendors who leave their stall area after the festival in any condition other than the pre-festival condition, particularly with garbage, stains on the floor, etc will not have their deposits returned.

    Any vendors caught dumping or disposing of liquids anywhere other than the swill tanks will be fined, per venue regulations and their deposits will not be returned.  

    When can vendors start setting up their stall, delivering beers, etc.?

    Vendors can start delivery and setup as early as the afternoon of Thursday, November 17th, as soon as the individual stalls have been set up. The exact time will be confirmed closer to the date.

    Where can I pick up my vendor passes?
    Each vendor will be allocated a set number of non-removable vendor wristbands based on the size of their stall (5 small/10 medium/15 large). These wristbands can be picked up at the festival entrance staff table anytime on the morning of the festival (or thereafter). Each vendor will be allocated all their staff wristbands at once. If a wristband needs to be passed from one staff member to another, the old wristband must be cut off and exchanged at the festival entrance staff table for a new one.

    When can vendors start taking down their stalls?

    It is recommended that vendors start taking down their stalls after the night session of November 19th, as soon as they run out of drinks or food. They have all of Sunday, November 20th, as well as the morning of Monday, November 21 until 11am.

    Per the venue management, vendors must fully cleared out of the site by Monday, November 21 at 11am. Any vendors not cleared out by then are responsible for any fines levied by the venue management. 

    Given the move out requirement was noted during the vendor application period, companies will have had over six months to make the appropriate arrangements to ensure they are out by the required date and time.

    Will there be ice provided?
    Ice will be provided at cost, which should be around $12-13 per 10kg bag. Vendors are responsible for picking the ice up from the storage area themselves. There will be multiple ice deliveries to the venue throughout the days.

    Will beer coolers be provided?
    Coolers or containers will not be provided.

    What price should beer be sold for?
    The standard pricing is one token per 4oz tasting, and three tokens per 12oz bottle, but prices can be set at the vendor's discretion. All sizes larger than a 4oz tasting must cost at least two tokens. Special, limited edition beers are frequently priced higher.

    Beer and beer samples cannot be given away for free. The reason for this is to provide a measure of equality and price protection amongst vendors.

    What price should food be sold for?
    Food prices can be set at the vendor's discretion, but a "main dish" must cost a minimum of HKD $30. The reason for this is to provide a measure of equality and price protection amongst vendors.

    How much do beer vendors get reimbursed per token?
    Beer vendors will be reimbursed HKD $10 per token.

    When do vendors get reimbursed?
    Vendors will be reimbursed via wire transfer within 10 business days after the completion of the festival.

    How can vendors avoid counting all those tokens?
    Like last year, vendors will have the option to weigh their tokens if they choose not to count them. We will have a weighing station in the office at the festival, and vendors can come weigh and submit their tokens at any time during the festival or after each session. This initial weighing will provide an initial count for vendors. The weighed tokens will be stored, dried, and re-weighed once more after the festival to account for any moisture weight for the final count.

    If tokens are overly wet, damp, or appear otherwise unusual then vendors will not be permitted to weigh the tokens and will instead be required to count and submit them in bundles of one hundred, similar to prior years. If you receive wet tokens, we suggest keeping and counting these tokens separately. 

    Will extension cords/socket splitters be provided?
    No. Vendors who purchase electricity will be provided two standard sockets. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords or socket splitters.

    Will there be glass recycling?
    Yes, there will be recycling bins for glass bottles located near the vendor stalls. Vendors should keep their empty bottles separate from regular trash. Vendors are responsible for dropping the bottles off at the recycling bins, which will then be emptied by the cleaning staff.

    Will any signage or decorations be provided for our stalls?
    No signage will be provided for the stalls. Vendors are responsible their own stall's signage and decorations.

    Optional hang-out areas in front of the stalls?

  • Similar to last year, stalls will be provided with additional space in front of their stall (roughly 2-3m), that can be used to create a fun and cool, decorated "hang out" area for attendees. This is entirely optional.  

    Some ideas would be lights, music and speakers, bean bag chairs, cocktail tables, games, etc. However, this should be designed in such a way that it doesn't block traffic, with crowds that obstruct the view of the stall or prevent people from actually getting to the stall itself to try the beers.

    Anything that adversely affects other vendors is prohibited. Vendors are required to submit their hang-out area design for approval prior to setup, otherwise they run the risk of the area being shut down after setup. Anything deemed unsafe or unscrupulous will be shut down.

    Beer vendors cannot sell any food or snacks. Free snacks to pair with beer such as light snacks, such as chips, nuts, and chocolates are okay. Vendors cannot use the area to engage in activity that involve cash transactions. Token payments for games or contests is permitted. Beer pong is not permitted. 

    What if it rains?
    Festival sessions will not be canceled due to light rain. However, the session in question will be cancelled if the Hong Kong Observatory has raised, or states that they plan to raise, the Red Rain, Black Rain, or T8 warning within three hours of the ticketed session start time or during the session itself. If the Red Rain, Black Rain, or T8 warning gets raised during the event, the session will immediately begin shutdown procedures. 

    How much staff will we need?

    Vendors will be allocated staff wristbands based on stall size: small (5 staff), medium (10 staff), and large (15). Staff members must wear their wristbands at all times or risk ejection from the site. 

    Staff wristbands can be picked starting the morning of Friday, November 18th. Each company will be given their wristband allocation in full, and they are responsible for keeping track of, and distributing their wristbands to their staff, both prior to and during festival hours. 

    Old, used staff wristbands can be exchanged for new wristbands at the staff entrance in the event new staff arrive to replace older staff.

    What is the size of the tasting glasses?
    The tasting glasses will be ~4.5oz, so no marker will be necessary.

    Will there be cups for draught beer?
    There will not be cups provided for draught beer. Vendors who will be serving draught beer will need to provide their own cups for attendees looking for anything more than a 4oz. sample pour.

    What's the overnight security / storage situation?

    There will be overnight security at the site, as well as refrigerated shipping containers, which will be locked at 12AM every night and opened 10AM each morning. Vendors are encouraged to use the shipping containers each night. Valuables should not be left in the site overnight, at the stall or in the shipping containers, as other vendors and their staff will have shared access.

    The organisers cannot be responsible or liable for any goods, materials, or equipment lost or damaged at any point in time while at the site. This includes anything lost, left behind, accidentally (or otherwise) taken, accidentally (or otherwise) damaged by anyone related or unrelated to the festival, any damages due to weather, wind, rain, loss of electricity, natural disasters, or any other reason.

    While there is security at the site at all times, there are simply too many vendors and staff (delivery and logistics people, etc), that it is impossible for security to know which specific staff have access to which specific stalls. While the shipping containers are locked overnight, they are shared amongst all vendors, so once again, it is impossible for a security guard to know whether a vendor's staff is moving or picking their own goods.

    Valuables should not be kept in the shipping containers. On top of the risk of third-party delivery and pick-up staff taking the wrong things (or leaving things behind), there will also be the risk of outright theft from all the different people going in and out of the storage containers. There is no way for security to know exactly who everything belongs to in each container, or what each third-party logistics or pick-up person is actually there to pick up.

    If the shared shipping containers are not adequate, vendors can move their goods off site, or lock them in their own van or vehicle that can be parked overnight on-site.

    Vendors are recommended to put their names on their equipment, such as trolly and push carts, to avoid mix-ups with other vendors, as these things can look very similar.