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WHAT: Hong Kong's International Craft Beer Festival

Beertopia is Hong Kong’s largest craft beer festival. Last year's event took place at the Central Harbourfront with over 13,000 attendees trying over 500 different beers from around the world. The only event of its kind in Hong Kong, the goal of Beertopia is for people to discover and enjoy quality craft beers in a fun and lively environment that includes lots of food, live music with bands and DJs, and beer games. 
This year's event will once again be held at the Central Harborfront. 

WHEN: NOVEMBER 18-19, 2016

The festival will take place over two days: 

Friday, November 18: 6PM-11PM
Saturday, November 19: 12PM-11PM

Saturday attendees will have a choice between all day Saturday, and Saturday night only (6-11PM) tickets. Similar to 2015, there will not be a Saturday afternoon-only session.

WHERE: Central Harbourfront

Conveniently located outside of IFC mall and next to the Central Piers, the Central Harborfront is one of the most exciting venues in the city. Easily accessible by MTR, taxi, bus and ferry, the venue features over 15,000 square meters of waterfront space and unobstructed views of city skyline. 


  • Tickets prices are not finalized, but will likely range from HKD $280 (early bird) to $380, and will include 5 or 10 beer tasting tokens.
  • Food vendors will sell food using cash.
  • Food stalls will be charged at a flat rate (pricing below).
  • Food vendors cannot sell or provide any alcoholic beverages whatsoever.
  • Minimum cost for a "main" dish is at least HKD30.
  • Vendors are not permitted to give away food free of charge.
  • Beer tasting tokens cannot be used for food.
  • Food vendors can sell non-alcoholic drinks at their stalls. 


    - This year the festival entrance and site will be located directly next to the HK Observation Wheel and Central Piers.

    - A fully refundable security deposit is required this year, given that we had issues with food vendors last year damaging the grounds, staining the bricks that requiring jet cleaning, and leaving equipment and waste at the site.

    - A non-drinker, foodie ticket may potentially be offered this year, which is cheaper and doesn't include beer tokens.

    - In an effort to provide a new experience for attendees, this year the seating areas will each be decorated with its own theme and decor. For example, local Hong Kong "dai pai dong," or Japanese beer garden, etc. While beer vendor locations won't be directly correlated with the themed areas. Food vendors may be matched to an area's theme. 



    Male: 53%
    Female: 47%

    18-25: 29%
    26-35: 40%
    36-45: 24%
    46-55: 5%
    56+: 2%

    Hong Kong & China: 51%
    US, UK, and Canada: 30%
    Other Countries: 19%


    There will be a limited number of food vendor booths available. Vendors must have a valid restaurant or food factory license.

    The rental fees are as follows:

    Early Bird Price
    Payment received before May 15, 2015
    Standard Price
    (Subject to availability)

    Stall Cost: HKD $9,500

    Stall Cost: HKD $13,500

     - A fully refundable security deposit of HKD $3500 is required. The deposit will not be fully returned if the site is left with oil stains, anything requires jet cleaning, if the vendor's equipment, goods or garbage have been left at the site and require disposal, if the flooring has been damaged, or if waste liquids/oil have been found to be dumped into drains rather than disposed of in the waste liquid tanks, etc. 

    - Food stalls will be approximately 3m long by 3m wide, including storage space behind the stall, and space in front of the stall for an optional “hang-out” area. If more space is required, please contact the festival organizer.
  • Stalls are non-transferable, non-shareable, and are valid for the invoiced vendor company only.
  • For stalls beyond than the listed sizes, please contact the festival organizer.

    What The Stall Includes:
  • Food stall tent, 3x3m, with additional uncovered space behind the tent available
  • Shared walk-in refrigerator space
  • Counter tables and chairs for the stall
  • Electricity / electrical socket in food stall*
  • Large 450L garbage bin (shared)
  • Food menu to be listed in the event programme
  • Vendor to be listed on event website

    *Vendor equipment list and power consumption requirements subject to approval by festival organizer.

    What The Stall Does NOT Include:
  • Food, ingredients, or otherwise raw materials
  • Cooking equipment
  • Cutlery, utensils, plates, bowls, napkins, or any sort of food packaging
  • Extension cords or socket splitters.
  • Menu boards, stands, any type of stall decorations

    What Is Permitted:
  • Electrical heating/cooking equipment that fits in the food stall, subject to approval based on power consumption requirements.
  • The festival organizer will obtain a temporary food factory license for the event. This will allow vendors holding a valid restaurant or food factory license to re-heat pre-cooked food only.
  • Vendors are allowed to sell non-alcoholic beverages, but these must be pre-approved by the festival organizer.

    What Is NOT Permitted:
  • Any gas based or open flame cooking equipment
  • Any equipment not directly related to preparation of food to be sold at the stall.
  • Vendors are not allowed to give away food for free. This is to prevent unfair, unprofitable competition amongst vendors.

    Additional Guidelines:
  • Vendors are responsible for determining their own menu and pricing.
  • A minimum cost of HKD $30 for "main" dishes is required.
  • Vendors are encouraged to provide at least one vegetarian offering.
  • Vendors are responsible for providing relevant utensils for their food. For example, spoons for soups, forks for salads.
  • Vendors are responsible for throwing all waste in their food stall into the garbage bin after the festival.
  • Vendors are responsible for removing their equipment after the festival.
  • If necessary, there should be parking space available for a vendor's delivery truck the day of and throughout the festival.
  • Vendors can sell vendor-related, relevant merchandise, such as t-shirts or caps, at their food stall, and distribute flyers or coupons.


    Similar to last year, upon request, vendors can be allocated space in front of their stalls (roughly 2-3m), to create a fun and cool, decorated "hang out" area for attendees. This is optional and designs, along with the request for additional space, needs to be submitted in advance, within two weeks of an accepted stall application.

    Some ideas would be lights, music and speakers, bean bag chairs, cocktail tables, games, etc. However, this should be designed in such a way that it doesn't block traffic, with crowds that obstruct the view of the stall or prevent people from actually getting to the stall itself to buy food.

    Anything that adversely affects other vendors is prohibited. Vendors are required to submit their hang-out area design for approval prior to setup, otherwise they run the risk of the area being shut down after setup. Anything deemed unsafe or unscrupulous will be shut down.

    Food vendors cannot sell or provide beer or any other alcoholic beverage. Vendors cannot use the area to engage in paid activities. Beer pong is not permitted.


    The stall location will be assigned by the festival organiser closer to the date, once the venue and stall layout has been finalized.


    Setup: Vendors can start moving in, setting up, delivering goods, etc. during the afternoon of Thursday, November 17th. The locked, refrigerated overnight storage will be turned on starting Thursday afternoon, and kept on continuously until the morning of Monday, November 21st. 

    Storage: The refrigerated overnight storage will be locked each night at 12PM, so everything that needs to be stored must be moved in before this. The storage will be unlocked each morning at 10AM, Friday through Monday.

    Take Down:  Vendors are strongly advised to move out goods and equipment after the festival the night of November 19th. Vendors must have all their goods and equipment moved out of the site by 10AM on Monday, November 21. This is a requirement of the venue management that the organizers unfortunately do not have control over. Vendors that are not out by the deadline will be responsible for any fines levied by the venue management.

    If vendors cannot move out on Saturday night, vendors must move all their goods and equipment (left over beer, tshirts, condiments, draught dispensing equipment, etc) into the storage containers that night. 

    Individual stall tents and tables will start to be taken down on Sunday, so vendors are strongly encouraged to move out on Sunday if possible, and if not, to once again move all their goods to the storage containers, rather than risk having their goods and equipment left out in the open once the tents and tables have been taken down.

    There will be a huge number of third-party logistics staff on-site working to take down and move the lights, stages, tables, toilets, electric cables, signage, etc. immediately after the Saturday night session. Moving goods into the containers will reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the risk of items getting lost.


    Liquids: All waste liquids and oil must be disposed of in the waste tanks provided. Dumping of waste liquids in drains (which drain directly into the Hong Kong harbour) is illegal, an obvious environmental hazard, and offenders will be prosecuted by the HKSAR government.  

    Garbage: Vendors are responsible for emptying all their garbage into the large garbage skip, which will then be picked up and cleared by a garbage truck periodically throughout the sessions. Vendors are required to leave their stall rental area clean and free of garbage or left over goods and equipment after moving out.

    Recycling: Vendors are responsible for putting all their empty bottles in the large recycling bins that will be spread throughout the venue. Empty bottles can first be collected in garbage bags, rather than in empty beer cases, which can get soggy and then fall apart, and then periodically emptied into the recycling bins


    While there were no issues of reported theft at the 2015 event, there will once again be overnight security at the site, as well as refrigerated shipping containers, which will be locked at 12AM every night and opened 10AM each morning. Vendors are encouraged to use the shipping containers each night. Valuables should not be left in the site overnight, at the stall or in the shipping containers, as other vendors and their staff will have shared access.

    The organisers cannot be responsible or liable for any goods, materials, or equipment lost or damaged at any point in time while at the site. This includes anything lost, left behind, accidentally (or otherwise) taken, accidentally (or otherwise) damaged by anyone related or unrelated to the festival, any damages due to weather, wind, rain, loss of electricity, natural disasters, or any other reason.

    Valuables should not be kept in the shipping containers. On top of the risk of third-party delivery and pick-up staff taking the wrong things (or leaving things behind), there will also be the risk of outright theft from all the different people going in and out of the storage containers. There is no way for security to know exactly who everything belongs to in each container, or what each third-party logistics or pick-up person is actually there to pick up.

    If the shared shipping containers are not adequate, vendors can move their goods off site, or lock them in their own van or vehicle that can be parked overnight on-site.

    Vendors are recommended to put their names on their equipment, such as trolly and push carts, to avoid mix-ups with other vendors, as these things can look very similar.

    How To Apply

    1. Fill in the online application form with company details here: Food Vendor Online Application Form

    Once complete, the application screen will read "Your application for Beertopia 2016 has been successfully submitted." If this screen does not appear, the application has not been received.

    2. Accepted vendors will receive an email with additional details and an invoice for the stall rental fee and deposit within approximately one week from the application date. 

    3. The stall rental will only be confirmed once the invoice has been settled. Due to demand, applications will be automatically cancelled if the invoice has not been settled within seven working days.

    Please note that the details listed in this document are subject to change. For questions please email