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WHAT: Hong Kong's International Craft Beer Festival

Beertopia is Hong Kong’s largest craft beer festival (and 
Asia's biggest craft beer festival according to CNN!). Last year's festival took place at the Central Harbourfront with over 14,000 attendees trying over 500 different beers from around the world. The only event of its kind in Hong Kong, the goal of Beertopia is for people to discover and enjoy quality craft beers in a fun and lively environment that includes lots of food, live music with bands and DJs, and beer games. This year's event will once again be held at the Central Harborfront. 

WHEN: SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2017

The festival will take place over two days: 

Friday, September 22: 6PM-11PM
Saturday, September 23: 12PM-11PM

Attendees will have a choice between Friday, Saturday, or All Weekend tickets. The Saturday night only ticket will likely be eliminated to streamline things.

WHERE: Central Harbourfront

Conveniently located outside of IFC mall and next to the Central Piers, the Central Harborfront is one of the most exciting venues in the city. Easily accessible by MTR, taxi, bus and ferry, the venue features over 15,000 square meters of waterfront space and unobstructed views of city skyline. 


- Based on vendor feedback, similar to the festival in 2015, vendors can choose their own stall locations based on a first come, first served, priority assigned system. See below for additional details.

- We will once again be looking for around 10 "beer partners" whose beers can be redeemed for via the beer voucher included with the regular festival tickets that don't include tokens. See below for additional details..

- As a trial this year, a new, small "cider area" will be added, so festival goers interested in cider can find them grouped together more easily. The exact logistics have yet to be finalized, but will be determined after we find out how many vendors are interested. Vendors who have cider will have an add-on option to also sell at this "cider area" with an additional cost. See below for details.

- As a trial this year, a new, small "beer geek corner" or area will be added to specifically showcase the more expensive (strong, rare, interesting) beers in one place. The idea behind this is that the cost of beers vary greatly across vendors and even within a vendor's own selection, and the more expensive beers might look less appealing in this context. The beer geek corner is a way to specifically celebrate the more expensive beers, where they can be compared in context to other similar beers, while also providing a fun and convenient spot for visitors interested in these beers. The exact logistics have yet to be finalized, but will be determined after we find out how many vendors are interested. Vendors who have "expensive" beers will have an add-on option to sell in this area with an additional cost. See below for details.

- Electrical power limits, and outlet types, are specified in detail in the beer vendor page this year for each stall size.
- The HK Beer Championship competition for local HK-only breweries will be held every two years, given the relatively small number of breweries in HK, and that there simply might not be enough change in the industry year over year. The next edition will be held during Beertopia 2018.

- The seating areas will not be "themed" like last year.

- The two token minimum for anything larger than a 4oz tasting will be in effect again this year.

- Rule Clarification: Vendors are only allowed to sell beers from breweries for which they are the officially licensed distributor in Hong Kong. Vendors are not permitted to sell random beer they've bought because it hasn't been represented at the festival. Vendors are not permitted to transfer, sell or share their stalls, which includes sharing with breweries not currently being distributed or available in Hong Kong. All breweries to be showcased must be listed in the vendor application.


  • Tickets prices are not finalized, but will likely start at around HKD $230 (early bird) and include a beer coupon, which can be redeemed for one beer, from a choice of around ten beer partners. More expensive ticket class will include 10 tokens by default, which has been the more popular option in the past. 
  • Vendors will exchange beer for tokens.
  • The minimum price for a tasting (~4oz or 110mL) is one (1) token.
  • The minimum price for bottles, pints, full pours, sampler sets, or any sizes other than a tasting size is two (2) tokens. Two beers (~330ml x 2)  must cost at least 4 tokens, three beers (~330ml x 3) at least 6 tokens, etc.
  • Vendors are not permitted to give away beer free of charge.
  • Vendors will be reimbursed by the festival organizer HKD $10 per token collected.
  • Prices for additional tokens are not finalized, but can be purchased by attendees likely in bundles of 14 tokens for $200 or 6 for $100, similar to last year.
  • All drinks must be exchanged with vendors using the tokens. Cash transactions at the festival are strictly prohibited.
  • After the festival vendors are responsible for counting the tokens collected and submitting these to the festival organizer for reimbursement. Vendors will also have the option of weighing their tokens at the festival in lieu of counting the tokens.



    Male: 55%
    Female: 45%

    18-25: 23%
    26-35: 43%
    36-45: 23%
    46-55: 8%
    56+: 3%

    Hong Kong & China: 55%
    US, UK, Canada, Australia: 32%
    Other Countries: 13%


    There will be a limited number of beer vendor booths available. Stalls have sold out with a waitlist every year since 2013, so we encourage interested companies to apply as early as possible. Applications will be processed using the Vendor Application Details described in the section below.  The rental fees are as follows:

     Early Bird Price
    Payment received before Friday April 28, 2017
    Standard Price
    (Subject to availability)
    Small stall (~2x2m)............. HKD $9,500
    Medium stall (~4x2m).......... HKD $12,000
    Large stall (~6x2m)............. HKD $15,000
    Small stall (~2x2m)............. HKD $12,500
    Medium stall (~4x2m).......... HKD $15,000
    Large stall (~6x2m)............. HKD $18,000

    Optional Electricity: 

    Small stall….…… HK $550 per stall (500W total, 1 x 13A socket)
    Medium stall……. HK $1,100 per stall (1000W total, 2 x 13A sockets)
    Large stall……..…HK $1,650 per stall (1500W total, 3 x 13A sockets)

    Stall interior lighting will be included by default and electricity does not need to be purchased for this. Socket splitters are not included. Equipment using electricity beyond the above allocated amount for each stall size will not be permitted without express prior written permission.

    For reference standard fridges, kegerators use around ~100W. See photo of 13A socket below.

    Optional Mobile Beer Cart:

    *Only available for large stalls.

    Mobile Beer Cart........... HK $2500

    Beer carts can be decorated, lit up, play music, etc. to sell bottles of beer around the festival site. They should be roughly the size of a dim sum cart, loaded with ice and beers. Carts cannot be parked directly in front of another vendor.

    Optional Cider Area Add-On:

    Cost......... HK $1,500

    Vendors can sell their cider in the cider area in addition to their own stall. Vendors will share the cider area/stall, possibly rotating amongst each other via a schedule.

    Limited availability, not finalized but likely limited to ~7 vendors, so we can handle it logistically. Priority will be given to vendors based on stall size, with larger stalls getting priority over smaller stalls.

    Vendors will have an option to cancel this add on for a duration of one week after logistics have been determined, since how the area works exactly has not been finalized yet.

    Optional Beer Geek Area Add-On:

    Cost......... HK $1,500

    Vendors can sell their more expensive, stronger, interesting, rare, "geeky" beers in this area, in addition to their own stall. Vendors will share this amongst each other, possibly rotating amongst each other via a schedule.

    Limited availability, not finalized likely limited to ~7 vendors, so we can handle it logistically. Priority will be given to vendors based on stall size, with larger stalls getting priority over smaller stalls

    Vendors will have an option to cancel this add on for a duration of one week after logistics have been determined, since how the area works exactly has not been finalized yet.

  • Stalls are non-transferable, non-shareable, and are valid for the invoiced vendor company only.
  • For stalls beyond than the listed sizes, please contact the festival organizer.
  • A 13A plug, for reference:


    Based on vendor feedback, this year vendors will be able to select their stall locations. The same process will be used as for the 2015 festival. Note that the festival organizers reserve the right to shift a vendor's location slightly within their selected row in order to efficiently fit all the stalls into the spaces to fill that row.

    Vendors will be assigned a priority to select their stall on a first-come, first-served basis, based on when their stall rental has been confirmed and stall rental fees have been settled. The process is as follows:

    1. Applications are submitted via online form.
    2. First wave of invoices will be emailed to accepted vendors (at the same time).
    3. As the rental fee payment confirmations come in, the vendor will be assigned a turn or priority to select their stall. Ex. First payment received gets to pick first, second confirmation received gets second pick, and so on.
    4. The next wave of invoices to multiple accepted vendors will then be sent (roughly a new wave of invoices each week), and as payment confirmations are received, vendors will continue to be assigned a priority to make their selection. And so on for the third wave of invoices, fourth wave of invoices, etc.

    In order to bring the very best craft beer to festival attendees, applications are evaluated based on the Vendor Criteria as described below, with priority given to previous Beertopia vendors, visiting microbreweries, etc. Applications are not simply evaluated and accepted simply based on a first come basis.

    The first wave of invoices will be sent in early April, with a new wave of invoices to follow each following week.

    Once all the priorities for picking stalls have been assigned amongst the vendors, the number of stalls will be confirmed and the venue layout will be finalised. Vendors will be told their selection priority and be able to pick their stall locations closer to the festival date.

    - Absolutely no changes to the stall position can be made once chosen.
    - Stall locations cannot be swapped, exchanged, re-sold, transferred, or otherwise changed.
    - Changes to the stall size, or additional stall purchases, will need to be selected separately based on when the rental fee for the additional stall has been received. Ex. You cannot rent a small stall, be assigned the first priority to select a location, later upgrade the small stall to a large stall, and then use the first pick for a large stall. The small stall will need to be picked with the first selection, and the additional "medium" stall (large = medium + small) will need to be selected separately during its own turn, which may result in the stall being located separately from the first stall.
    - Stalls cannot be shared amongst vendors.
    - During the stall selection process, vendors will be shown a map, with all the stalls laid out, and the occupied and unoccupied stalls marked. The occupied stalls will not be labeled with vendor names, nor will vendors be told where which locations other vendors have chosen until after all the stalls have been assigned.


    Beertopia is focused on bringing the best selection of craft beer to its attendees. Last year featured over 500 different beers from around the world, along with visiting breweries. Applications for beer vendor stalls are processed using the following criteria:

    - Priority will be given to returning Beertopia vendors who sold well in previous years. 
    - Priority will be given to microbreweries based in and around Asia. 
    - The size of the stall being applied for, the selection of beers, their uniqueness, current availability in Hong Kong, and how well they have been reviewed will also be considered. 



    Similar to last year, we are looking for a limited number (~10) of companies who will have one of their beers or ciders included on the list of redeemable beers on the "beer coupon" that each basic ticket holder will be given upon entry. So for basic ticket attendees, their first beer will be from one of the beer partners before they purchase tokens to try everything else. This is another avenue to highlight and promote a specific beer.

    Attendees will use this beer coupon to redeem a bottle/glass of their choice from the list on the coupon. Beer partners will collect these beer coupons when exchanging for this initial beer/cider, each of which will be reimbursed for cash at the end of the festival at a wholesale cost. 



    Upon request, each beer vendor is required to provide up to six (6) sample bottles of beer they will be showcasing at the festival. These will be used as a part of the marketing campaign leading up to the festival, including the press conference, media interviews, photography, tastings, and promotions.


  • 2x2m tent (small stall), 4x2m tent (medium stall), or 6x2m (large stall)
  • Listing on the venue map. Each stall is limited to one name only. Ex. Large stalls cannot list two or three different names on the venue map.
  • Roughly 2-3m in front of the stall, for an optional, decorated "hang-out area." Details below.
  • Five (5) exhibitor passes for small stalls, ten (10) passes for medium stall, fifteen (15) passes for large stall.
  • Complimentary storage area for additional beer, up to a maximum of ten cases of 24 330mL bottles (or equivalent volume) per booth (twenty for medium booth, thirty for large booth).
  • Items can be stored in the refrigerated shipping containers, which will be locked overnight.
  • Vendors can also sell their own brand related merchandise, such a t-shirts or beer mugs, at the stall, up to a limit of three different products for a small stall (six and nine different products for medium and large stalls, respectively). Merchandise can be sold using cash, rather than tokens.
  • Space for a banners and roll up stands at the stall
  • Tables and chairs
  • Listing of beers on the event website
  • Shared garbage and recycling bins.
  • Ice will be provided at cost (approx. HKD $20 per 10kg bag). Vendors will be asked prior to the festival how much ice they require.
  • Attendees will be given tasting sized glasses. Vendors who serve draught beer will need to provide their own plastic pint glasses or pitchers for attendees looking for to buy amounts larger than the standard tasting.

  • Pint glasses or pitchers for vendors who serve draught beer
  • Coolers
  • Trolleys or push carts for moving cases of beer, equipment or furniture.
  • Display cases
  • Table cloths or other decorations
  • Towels for wiping down bottles or condensation
  • Bottle openers
  • Runners to pick up beer or ice from the storage area
  • Electricity, unless it has been explicitly purchased
  • Extension cords, socket splitters, or other equipment


    Similar to last year, upon request, vendors can be allocated space in front of their stalls (roughly 2-3m), to create a fun and cool, decorated "hang out" area for attendees. This is optional and designs, along with the request for additional space, needs to be submitted in advance, within two weeks of an accepted stall application.

    Some ideas would be lights, music and speakers, bean bag chairs, cocktail tables, games, etc. However, this should be designed in such a way that it doesn't block traffic, with crowds that obstruct the view of the stall or prevent people from actually getting to the stall itself to try the beers.

    Anything that adversely affects other vendors is prohibited. Vendors are required to submit their hang-out area design for approval prior to setup, otherwise they run the risk of the area being shut down after setup. Anything deemed unsafe or unscrupulous will be shut down.

    Beer vendors cannot sell food, or provide free food beyond light snacks, such as chips, nuts, chocolates. Vendors cannot use the area to engage in activity that involve cash transactions. Token payments for games or contests is permitted. Beer pong is not permitted.


    Cash transactions are strictly prohibited and all transactions must be done using beer tokens. Beer pricing must adhere to the one token minimum for tastings, and two tokens minimum for all other sizes, such as bottles, pints, sampler platters, etc. Two beers (~330ml x 2) must cost at least 4 tokens, three beers (~330m x 3) must cost at least 6 tokens, etc. Any vendor found to be violating these conditions will result in immediate expulsion from the event, forfeiture of their stall rental fees, and exclusion from all future events. 


    Setup: Vendors can start moving in, setting up, delivering goods, etc. during the afternoon of Thursday, September 21st. The locked, refrigerated overnight storage will be turned on starting Thursday afternoon, and kept on continuously until the morning of Monday, September 25th. 

    Storage: The refrigerated overnight storage will be locked each night at 12PM, so everything that needs to be stored must be moved in before this. The storage will be unlocked each morning around 10AM, Friday through Monday.

    Take Down:  Most vendors move out right after the festival the night of September 23rd. This is strong recommended, to minimize the change of loss or damages to good or equipment, rather than waiting until Sunday or Monday. Vendors must have all their goods and equipment moved out of the site by 10AM on Monday, September 25th. This is a requirement of the venue management that the organizers unfortunately do not have control over. Vendors that are not out by the deadline will be responsible for any fines levied by the venue management.

    If vendors cannot move out on Saturday night, vendors must move all their goods and equipment (left over beer, tshirts, condiments, draught dispensing equipment, etc) into the storage containers that night. 

    Individual stall tents and tables will start to be taken down on Sunday, so vendors are strongly encouraged to move out on Sunday if possible, and if not, to once again move all their goods to the storage containers, rather than risk having their goods and equipment left out in the open once the tents and tables have been taken down.

    There will be a huge number of third-party logistics staff on-site working to take down and move the lights, stages, tables, toilets, electric cables, signage, etc. immediately after the Saturday night session. Moving goods into the containers will reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the risk of items getting lost.


    Recycling: Vendors are responsible for putting all their empty bottles in the large recycling bins that will be spread throughout the venue. Empty bottles can first be collected in garbage bags, rather than in empty beer cases, which can get soggy and then fall apart, and then periodically emptied into the recycling bins.

    Garbage: Vendors are responsible for emptying all their garbage into the large garbage skip, which will then be picked up and cleared by a garbage truck periodically throughout the sessions. Vendors are required to leave their stall rental area clean and free of garbage or left over goods and equipment after moving out.


    There will once again be overnight security at the site, as well as refrigerated shipping containers, which will be locked at 12AM every night and opened 10AM each morning. Vendors are encouraged to use the shipping containers each night. Valuables should not be left in the site overnight, at the stall or in the shipping containers, as other vendors and their staff will have shared access.

    The organisers cannot be responsible or liable for any goods, materials, or equipment lost or damaged at any point in time while at the site. This includes anything lost, left behind, accidentally (or otherwise) taken, accidentally (or otherwise) damaged by anyone related or unrelated to the festival, any damages due to weather, wind, rain, loss of electricity, natural disasters, or any other reason.

    Valuables should not be kept in the shipping containers. On top of the risk of third-party delivery and pick-up staff taking the wrong things (or leaving things behind), there will also be the risk of outright theft from all the different people going in and out of the storage containers. There is no way for security to know exactly who everything belongs to in each container, or what each third-party logistics or pick-up person is actually there to pick up.

    If the shared shipping containers are not adequate, vendors can move their goods off site, or lock them in their own van or vehicle that can be parked overnight on-site.

    Vendors are recommended to put their names on their equipment, such as trolly and push carts, to avoid mix-ups with other vendors, as these things can look very similar.

    How To Apply

    1. Fill in the online application form with company details here: Beer Vendor Online Application Form

    Once complete, the application screen will read "Your application for Beertopia 2017 has been successfully submitted." If this screen does not appear, the application has not been received.

    2. Accepted vendors will receive an email with additional details and an invoice for the stall rental fee within approximately one week from the application date. 

    3. The stall rental will only be confirmed once the invoice has been settled. Due to demand, applications will be automatically cancelled if the invoice has not been settled within seven working days.

    Please note that the details listed in this document are subject to change. For questions please email